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"I will say that his work is first class, and the quality of the buttstock cover, sling, and sight cover greatly exceeded my expectations."

Jeff Quinn of Gunblast.com on line magazine. www.gunblast.com

To read the entire article click this link: http://www.gunblast.com/LevergunLeather.htm

Butt Stock Covers Holsters Rifle slings Pouches, cases, Sheaths
 I received the cover yesterday in the mail.  It looks and fits great! 
 Thank you
 Carl Roehl


Hi lever,
 I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the leather work.  You did a really good job, and I like the color scheme very much as well. I like how you dyed the barbed wire. I can't find a single defect, not even a thread sticking up!
darrell dobbins

Dear Levergun:

I received my cover a few weeks ago and I am very pleased with the quality, craftsmanship, and fit. I have refinished the stock on my 99 and it looks great with its new cover. Thanks for calling me about the tool work. I will tell my friends about your work.

Doug Ballantine    

Greetings Lever,

I received my order today. Outstanding work! I'm happy. Thanks.

I've only put on the cover for the 94 - fits like it was made for it.
Oh yeah, it was.  Ray


The rig arrived in today's mail.  Good service from USPS once again.  I didn't expect it until tomorrow.  You did a good job packing and both box (don't you love free boxes) and contents were fine.

I was very surprised and please to see the shirt included.  I use these same shirts for the same purpose but with my Regiment's crest embroidered and I love wearing these shirts.  Very nice.

I got the rig out and had to rush get the revolver.  I can find absolutely no fault with the belt other than I've grown a bit (I guess) but it fits and is comfortable.  I'm wearing the rig as I type this.   

The holster is clearly well put together.  Material quality seems very good indeed.  I am a bit concerned about revolver fit.  You said that I'd have to do some work on that with your help.

BTW, the color of the rig seems (I don't have great color vision) the color of the grips I have on the gun. 


Received sling, very happy.  It was worth the wait.  Thanks for the shirt.  Leaving for hunting camp tonight for another three days of hunting.  Only saw alot of does last week.  Maybe the sling will bring me luck this week.


Mike Mastrandrea


Just wanted to write and tell you I finally gave my husband the rifle sling and he absolutely loves it!!!!   He is showing it to everyone who comes over - and he has gotten so many compliments on it. 
Thank you for working on it so quickly - and thanks for making a truly unique, one of a kind gift that we could not find in any hunting store! 
We will definitely pass your name on.


Thanks again,
Barbara Artz




Just received your beautiful shotgun case! I sure do like it! Its a honey! I have my LC 20 ga. in it right now! Will take some pictures soon of the case and the rifle sling that you made and send them on to you. Thanks, Chance Bill

You rule Levergun! They were here when I got home from work, and I am very impressed with your work!

Thanks again, this has been a Happy Birthday  Chris

Hi Lever,
I got the stock wrap and the shell pouch.  Both are just right.  The color is great, the workmanship is outstanding.  The wrap fits perfectly.  I appreciate the quality.
I will get back to you with more orders from time to time.
Hi Lever,
Just wanted you to know that I received my knife and sheath today.  It looks great, Thank You

Dan Cloninger







I received the covers and they are fantastic.  I appreciate the T shirt and certainly enjoy doing business with you.  I will order more. Thanks again,

Larry Mercadante







Actually I didn’t win it. J I bought it. I used the HHH discount. I do like it. A cross draw shoulder rig for a Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter with scope. I have taken a couple of deer while using it and am extremely satisfied. It is a great quality, hand made (hand stitched) leather holster that doesn’t shift while hunting. When I need another I will buy from Lever again. Take a look at his web site!

Bob Grubbs


I know what you mean, Lever does great work.  Last year he made up a holster rig for my Ruger Blackhawk six-shooter.  Fits me like a glove, and I know the Ruger just loves it too.

Cheers, Carl



That is too funny, I had on my "To Do" list, to e-mail you today.  I got the sling ok, and he loves it.  He took it to the shooting club Sunday just to show it off and got alot of compliments.  I'll let you know if he mentions any problems.  Thank you

 I got it today. You are the master. Thank you so much. It looks great on my Henry.
I'll be in touch again.........trust me.






I received the knife and sheath today ... looks great.
Nice work... It will work out great for me.  Couldn't you have pulled the bark off of the blade before you sent it back :)
Thanks again.
Looks Great
Joe Pomposelli

All was received today.

I could not be more pleased. Everything came out perfectly. The artistry is fantastic. Even the bow sheath was perfect.

I took off my water buffalo belt, which I wear daily, and put it's elk antler carved buckle on your belt, which I will now wear daily.



Your work is so detailed, I only wish I had requested more. Thank you. You can also trust that your work will be cherished by my children after I'm gone.
Also, thank-you for the shirt. Your logo is great and I'll wear it proudly.







I tried the holster on when it got here today. The fine tuning was just what it needed. No flopping to it at all anymore. I'm VERY satisfied with your excellent work. Any time I hear of someone asking about a leather worker, I'll pass on your web site. I couldn't be more satisfied!

Thanks again!!!!

Bonnie Campbel


Hey Lever,
I just got my rifle sling and absolutely love it I will definitely be a return customer.
Thank you,
Robert Douglas






I went and looked and was so impressed I couldn't wait to surprise my son.  Needless to say he loved it.  I wish you could have seen the expression on his face.  His eyes got big and he just said "WOW!, That's mine?!?"

Thanks so much.  If he is even 10% as impressed when it gets here it will have been well worthwhile.  I will definitely give you and your sight some talk at work and with others whom I think would be interested.

Thanks again,

Doug M


Hello Lever,

Received butt cover yesterday, am immensely pleased, It is now tightly mounted on my 50 Winchester. The initials are GC where they should read JC but I bear the responsibility as I never indicated on my sketch what they should read.  I would rather change my first name than do anything else i have become so attached to it. The quality a 10+ done by somebody who cares. In the near future I would like a belt made that would hold ( loops) 5 a side of 50 caliber ammo.  Is that a go ?, If you let me know the cost I know how to do the rest.

Thank You.

Jim Cox. A very satisfied client



Hey Lever!

Got the holster today, and it is BEAUTIFUL! Told my wife I almost hate to use it‹might get a scratch on it or something. She said it is a work of art.
She's right. Can't wait for folks to see it as ask were they can get one this good! I may have to buy another gun now just to get another holster.
(That's as good an excuse as any!)

Thanks again, for your help and excellent suggestions.


Doug Davis


Hi Lever,

received belt and brass was very pleased and even more so after I stuffed 20 rounds in It. This rig is all business and If I ever chase the Hounds again I can carry a years worth of fodder on me.  All the best of the
season to you and yours. JIM


I received my belt and pouches, they look great, thanks alot. Also thanks for the shirt.
I plan on carrying that belt and those pouches on several big game hunts in the near future, as a matter of fact they will see some time in 2 weeks when I am hunting deer/elk in Oregon.
Thanks alot. and good luck to you this season.












I have to say that the case is even better than I ever could have hoped for. Jason loves it, the gun fits beautifully and he couldn't stop looking at it last night. PERFECT!! He is at the moment trying to figure out what else he might need in leather
Thank you for doing such a truly great job, the workmanship and detail are amazing, certainly much better than the photo I sent you (my mom is going to be quite jealous). It is obvious that you spent a lot of time and energy on the design and the carving and I hope you know that I truly appreciate it (as does Jason). I'm probably going to get one for myself after the first of the year--get through the holidays and all that, so you can be expecting to hear from me again probably in January or so. After all, I wouldn't want him to be the only one with a cool levergun case. Have a great holiday and good luck with the move to Idaho.
Thank you again,

Katherine G. Fritz


The sheath arrived today, and I was very pleasantly surprised when I arrived home from work.  Thanks a lot man!  That was great and FAST work.  The sheath is beautiful, and fits the knife like a glove.  I really liked the color and the contrast with the lacing.  You do good work man!  The quality is A-1.  I also like the markings you put on the back.  I will show it to my friends and give them your info.
Thanks again,
 Rodney Rudd



Hey Lever

I got the sheath today, it looks great! A vast improvement over that thing from Buck. I like the way you made it and will need at least one more. Did you save the template?

I want to use it for a while and see if there are any changes that would make it more functional. However, I suspect we will keep it just like it is.




Got 'em yesterday.  They look great - I think they'll work fine for me.  Is there anything I should or shouldn't do for their care, such as mink or neatsfoot oil, saddle soap, etc.
Thanks for working with me on this project.  I know it was a challenge.  Great job.  Oh yeah, thanks for the T-Shirt; I'll wear it for advertising.  I've let a few buddies know about your work.  Hopefully someone will want some leatherwork done.
Thanks again,



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