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this is where I post pictures of hunting and fishing and guns and all kinds of things from my friend and customers that wish to share. Enjoy!

This year my buddy Mr. Jake lost his right eye. It was a sad day for me! Dec. 2005 Before and one year later 2006.

Customers and Friends Hunting Pictures and More.

Mike Briggs

2013 Elk

Patty Briggs 1st buck

2012 Buck

Mike Brigg's son's 2009 Goats Wy.

2010 buck

2014 Buck

Jerry Jones
2012 Idaho Black bear

Mark Lisi
2012 Buffalo

Karl Braunies

Chevy Truck

2010 Elk

2013 Buck

Nick Malloy
2016 Buck

Jerry Lewis
2015 AR Buck

Wes Vibert
2015 Buck

Nick Malloy
2011 Oryx

Ken Jacobson

2008 Alaska

2010 Alaska Halibut

Pat (Noshot) Gross 2007

John Alberta Mule Deer Hunt

Mark Fischer 2008 critters

Salmon River 2004

2011 Idaho

Karl Palmer’s 29″ Mulie
South Dakota

Marde Hersh
2011 Bobcat

Lorrie 2008 Elk

Forest Daigle
2011 Idaho Bear

2011 Idaho Buck

Medicboy’s California
2003 antelope.

Jesse's first deer! 2005

Skip Deckman (Whiskers)

Bill Altermatt's Buck 2009

elkhunter76 2009 Buck

Bob Eckart
2009 Goat

2010 North Dakota

Bob Pinto
Idaho Archery 2011 buck

Shane Merril

John Venier

2013 buck

Doug Rasmussen

Troy Carson Canada 2005

Jim Rodman and Family

2014 Buffalo Ram and hog!

Bucky Buchanan 2012 Canada

Kids Hogs!

Clint Hayden

2011buck & Bobcat

Jim Rodman 2013
Kansas Hog

Gary Villemaire 2013
Canadian Buck

Darren Merkle 2011
Indiana Buck

2012 Buck

2017 Canadian Black bear.

Lenny Gorski 2013
Connecticut Buck

Misty Woolridge 2011 Texas Buck

2015 KS Ram

Nick Malloy
2011 Oryx


2015 Jacob four horn

2010 Buck

Chad (71 Fan) Davis

Ken Adkins hunts 2006!

Mark Hencey

2008 California Black bear

2011 Utah Elk

2008 Mulie

Jim Holmes Hunts 2006!

James Moore Family Cabin 2009

James Moore 2011 WV buck and doe

2016 CA Goat

2016 CA Ram

Vail Family

John Vail and Son 2011

2009 buck

Malcolm Matheson IV Monster 312#
Canadian Whitetail. 2005

Erika Vail 2009 Pheasent

Danny Baize with a 2005 TX Yote.

Danny Baize 2011 Texas buck

My Pards-Texas Hog hunt 2002

Matt Plut 2008 Buck.

The McKinney Family

2006 Goats.

2006 Mulies

The Huntin' Party. 2008

The Huntin' Party. 2008

2007 Goat

2007 Turkey

Mark 2008 Mulie

Mike 2008 Mulie

Cort's 2008 Mulie

Nick Malloy
2011 Oryx

Jeff 2008 Mulie

Max and Phil and friends Hunts

AZ 2008

AZ 2011

Fr. Patrick Serna
Corpus Christie Texas 2007

Dick Worden’s (Old Ruttin’ Buck)
Grand kids bucks 2006.

Mike Schraders So.Cal 2004 4x4.

Curtis Strange 2010 Antelope and Elk.

Toby Adducci 2009 Bird hunting.

2013 Buck

Maurice Gaskin of Mississippi.
Rare Bread Buck!

1st Sgt. James Huller of PA.
1st Whitetail buck. Shot in PA. 2005

Max and hunting partner! So.Cal 2004

Mom and Cub prints So.Cal 2004

Scotty McIntire’s daughter
2009 Pheasant CA.

Andy Yerkovich
2008 buck

Darren Hart 2007

Eric Ericson
Bull Elk MN. 2002

Don Buchanan 2004 Texas Buck

Rick Kube and Weet's first deer! MI. 2005

John Wood
2010 Buffalo

Aaron Ketchum
2010 buck

2008 Ohio Buck

Coco's first Buck

Illinois Buck 2004

Northern Idaho Whitetail 2005

Scott's 2007 Buck.

Shawn Humphrey’s
2010 Canadian buck

Shane McAteer

His Best Friend Toby

This year 2010, Shane’s bird hunting partner lost his long time bird dog in a car accident.Shane asked me if I could make his partner a sling in memory of his dog and best friend.I hope I captured the character of Nate Dogg and Shane’s Partner can now take his bestest friend hunting with him from now on.

In Memeroy of Nate Dogg.

West Tx Goats 2009

New Zealand Hunt 2009

2007 buck Arkansas

2010 Dall sheep Canada

2011 Yukon Sheep

Shane's Rifle is now complete.

2010 Grand slam Bird!

2013 Season was a good one for Shane!!

Mexico Mulie and Coes

Turkey in Arkansas

Alaska Fishing trip

Yukon Ram Hunt

Duck hunt

2013 Texas Hog with a bow!

Shane's 2015, 2016 and 2017 seasons.

Tom Berry and Son Aaron

2011 Bucks WA

Tom Berry and Son Aaron

Mike Mendes 2007 Canadian Bull and Mike's 2008 Goat

Mike Sopko 2010

2016 AK halibut

Eric Simkin and Son
2016 Elk

Deer camp 2003 and bull bustin'!

Doug Roper

2017 Turkey

Andrew Wiggin

2010 out of Magnolia Ohio

2016 AK Halibut and more.

Yancy Shepherd 2009 buck &
Son’s first deer!

Kent Graves 2009
bears and Moose.

Calvin’s Hogs

Wendell Winguard 2012 Buck

Josh Sheperd
2010 First buck.

Bullbuster 2006 White tail in Kuwait!

2015 AR Buck

2012 Buck

Dwayne Flickinger's buddy Don Sickafoose

2017 Blackbuck Antelope

Neil Devries

California Cougar. Caught Eating Goats!

Red Stag 2012

Kirbyhill (Bill Gould)

Bill Gould got himself a turkey! 2010

Africa 2010

Africa 2015

Glen (Imaredneck)

Mountain Lion 2010

Bobcat 2005

Danielle Smith (Smitty)

Africa 2010 Steve Tracy Tennesse Hog Hunt 2010

Steve Lawson and Father Africa 2010

John Izquerdo with wife out of Ohio.

Nick (The Great Norwegian Guide) Wigaard, Wife Margaret, Son Chris and Grandson CJ.

Idaho Hunting

Unit 4A 2011

Base Camp

Lever's Buck 2011

Lunch Time Nap

Venison Meat Loaf

My Son, Chance A 2013 Buck

Elk Camp Bow Hunting 2008

The Swede got a nice Cow.


Chance (Levergun) Shelton and Kent (The Swede) Swanson

Lever's Buck

The Swede's buck

Honey Hole


The_Swede and I still hunted a group of does on the last day of my season. I got this doe at 85 yd.


Lolo National Forest during March Bear hunt.

First Elk camp 2005

Deer hunt 2005

Well, I thought I was shooting at a doe. Had to find her the next morning. She turned out to be a he. Oh well.

Bitter Root Mountains (Behind my house) during a scouting trip.

Second Elk camp 2005

Sorry, no Elk pictures this year.

Deer Camp 2002 up in the High Sierras of California.

Elk Camp 2003 Cahone Colorado.

2003 BBQ at Lever's place.

Steve (Bullbuster), Gordy (SportyG), Chance (Levergun), Rich (Proud Marine)

Cali NAHC Get Together 2004

We had good Music, Good food all day, Plenty of cold beverages, Paintball games, Horseshoes, Archery, Pellets rifles and Good people! Thanks Jeff (Kekoa1) for hosting this years GT! Attendees: Jeff (Kekoa1), Grant (Runningfox), Dave (Buls), John (Buhs), Steve (Bullbuster), Tomrunningbear, Gordy (SportyG), Chance(Levergun) And a courtesy call from USMCHUNTER.

Grant, Steve, Chance

(That is my bow by the way...)

Dave Buls

Dave and Gordy

Gordy? Who is the champ?

Max and Pam (Mother of my children)

Jeff's Hunting Dog!

Jeff Telling stories.

Jeff's place in the kitchen

Jeff's Little Girls

Tom's wife to be, John Buhs, Sis and Mom.

John, Gordy, Chance, Dave and Grant.

Gordy Makes himself Laugh! Hehehe


My Son Chance's First Bird 2006.

My buddy Mato's 2006 bird.

John Wood's 08 Turkey

Heavy Chevy's Bird! 2003

Kirby Hill's Birds!

This kid shot me to get this bird!


Chrissy's Twin Turkeys! Nice birds!

Jeff Erney Rafting


Mike Ross & family

First limit catch at Lake Cachuma, Santa Barbara CA.

(Imaredneck) Glen Hurst and Family

Steven Terry's (StereO) Family

Karl Palmer Guide Service South Dakota

Jim (Coffeeman) and son Phil. Fishing with DaGriz.

Medicboy and Wife Monterey CA.

Bullbuster's 38# Catfish and little girls First fish..

Matt Plut 2006 Tuna

My Biggest Rainbow Trout! Santa Barbara CA.

Kent, Son and Lever Limit at Twin Lakes Northern Idaho.

Prong and trout. AZ.

FORD My Ford Stuff

This is what a bad input shaft and clutch gear look like out of a NP 435 Trans if you do not put the Bearing in between them!

Mike Mendes Ford Bronco

Dick Worden's Ford. (ol' Ruttin' Buck)

Crash-N-Mash's Ford! (I think?) Free advertisement doesn't last too long!


Marlin 1893 in 38-55 Made in 1894 Lead Cast 40:1 with Original Winchester Bullet Mold.

Working on my Shiloh! Fuuuuuuun!

Savage 99 Brush gun in .358 Win. I am working on the trigger pull, but I think the round is ready for Elk! Before I adjusted the scope.

Da Grizzly Ba'r

Here is the mould and bullet I am playing with now.

My Pards in Tombstone AZ.

Jay Slater's cowboy Gear.

Dave Pigott shredding to ZZ Top.

A gift from Danny Baize (DCD...Deer Camp Dan)

After I adjusted the scope.

50 Cal. Kentucky (Traditions). Off hand at 50 yards. I'm getting the hang of it!

Doug Given sitting on his ass with his leather gear

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