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Gift Certificates are available for Christmas or any occasion!

No refunds on gift certificates.

This means this is the week I will be starting your work. I usually ship your work the following week. Contacting me to find out when your work will be finished just slows me down, so please be patient and save your order confirmation for reference. I am not a machine and sometimes I make mistakes and life gets in the way. Thank-you!

Exact pricing will be difficult on some items such as; Gun belts, pouches and any item with carvings etc.  Here is a basic outline of the base pricing and process for ordering:
Everything I do is custom made to order and fit and I have nothing in stock. Everything seen on the site is something I have made for someone else. You can choose me to do something like on the site or you can come up with something of your own, it is all up to you.


I do all my orders on a first come first serve basis in the order of payment received. You can pay with a credit card by clicking the orange buy now button for Paypal or the Pay Now button for Fortis Pay on the home page of the website www.levergunleather.com or over the phone and be added to the list right away, or you can send a check or MO to the address below and be added to the list when payment is received. I will send you an order confirmation as soon as payment is received. Down payments may be made to reserve a spot on the work list, but down payments are non-refundable and work will not begin until the balance due is received. No refunds after 30 days. All international sales are final, no refunds and delivery cannot be guaranteed past customs. No refunds on gift certificates, purchases are final.

Waist Measurement for belts.

With your pants on, measure from your pant button, around your waist and back to that button and tell me that number.  The number should be Approx. 3-4 inches larger than your pant size.

Outlines for Butt stock covers

I will need an outline of your stock on its side and of the butt plate for sizing.  Please lay your rifle on its side on a piece of printer paper and outline around the stock and butt plate using a pencil.  Make sure your pencil is straight up and down, DO NOT angle it in.  Then stand your rifle up on the butt plate and outline around the plate.  This outline can be more exact.  I will send you an email as soon as I receive your outlines.  If you scan them and e-mail them to me, include a 6” line on the outlines for reference to scale.

Color choices and Border choices are near the bottom of the pages.

Rifle Slings

Basic Carved Slings are $145.00

Plain Slings $85.00

Ching Slings $59.00

Two-Tone Lettered Slings $165.00

Two-tone Carved Slings $225.00

Full Maple Leaf or Scroll carved $205.00

5 bullet loops are $15.00

Lettering is $3.00/letter.

Thumb loop is $15.00

Sling swivels are $15.00 (Made in the USA)

S&H is Currently $15.00 within the US.

Color and Border stamping is your choice and included in the price.

Butt stock covers, slip covers, cheek rest

Plain butt stock covers $69.00.

Ext. butt stock cover w/8 loops $104.00

Ext. carved butt stock cover w/8 loops $169.00

Basic carved butt stock covers $145.00

Two tone lettered butt stock covers $125.00 + $3.00/letter

Two tone carved butt stock covers $189.00

Maple leaf or Scroll carved butt stock covers $205.00

Cheek Rests $89.00

Carved Cheek Rests $154.00

Slip covers w/5 loops $69.00

Carved Slip covers w/5 loops $134.00

Carved Two tone slip covers w/5 loops $189.00

Ext. Slip Covers w/8 loops $84.00

Carved Ext. Slip covers w/8 loops $159.00

Padded slip cover w/5 loops $94.00

5 Bullet loops are $15.00.

Lettering is $3.00/letter.

S&H is Currently $15.00 within the US.

Color and Border stamping is your choice and included in the price. Outlines

Knife Sheaths and Axe sheaths

Contact me via email with a picture of the size and shape of your knife for Price verification.

I will need your knife to do the work.

These are starting prices and can change due to size of sheath and design.

Custom Carved sheaths $115.00

Spear head sheath $95.00

Axe Sheaths $64.00

Boot Sheath for Dagger $85.00

Doc Holliday Sheath $95.00

Small fold over knife cases $65.00

Various size and shape fold over cases $65.00

Plain slip sheaths $65.00

Three piece and various designs knife sheaths $85.00

(All sheaths add $3.00/letter for lettering and $25.00 for lacing)

S&H is currently $15.00 within the US

Color and Border stamping is your choice and included in the price.

Holsters & Cartridge Belts

Concealed carry Holsters $85.00

Thigh Rig $245.00

Seatbelt Holster $59.00

Mag pouches start at $49.00

Plain hip holsters $85.00

Pommel holsters $225.00

Shoulder holsters $219.00

Cartridge Belts $210.00

Bandoleer holsters $210.00

Bandoleers $210.00

Cowboy style holster and belt Start at $300.00

S&H is currently $15.00 within the US

Color and Border stamping is your choice and included in the price.

Rifle Scabbards

Plain Saddle Scabbard $300.00

Plain Full length Scabbard  $365.00

Plain Handled Scabbard $300.00

Plain Scoped rifle saddle scabbard  $365.00

Deer tanned cowhide Carbine Scabbard $145.00

Full Rifle or Long Bow Scabbard $165.00

Shotgun case with your initials.  $810.00

Two-tone rifle Scabbard with carvings  $565.00

Back pack scabbard $355.00

Rifle Case not carved $1,200.00

Fully Carved Rifle Case $1,895.00

S&H has to be calculated.

Color and Border stamping is your choice and included in the price.

Trap, Skeet, Cases and Pouches

Cartridge Cases $89.00

Cartridge Cases Carved $154.00

Two-Toned Cartridges case $119.00

Speed Loader Pouch are $45.00

Plain Pouches $45.00

Single Box Plain Pouches $79.00

Single Box Lettered Pouches $79.00+$3.00/letter

Single Box Basic Carved Pouches $144.00

Divided Plain Pouch $104.00

Divided Lettered Pouch $104.00 + $3.00/letter

Divided Basic Carving Pouch $179.00

Divided extensive carved Pouches  $205.00

Two Piece Plain Pouch $165.00

Two Piece Lettered Pouch are $165.00 + $3.00/letter

Two Piece Basic Carved Pouch is $225.00

Mag Light Cases Plain are $49.00

Mag Light Cases Lettered are $49.00 + $3.00/letter

Mag light and Multi-Tool Pouches start at $84.00.

S&H is currently $15.00 within the US

Color and Border stamping is your choice and included in the price.


Duck Slings $95.00

Bullet Lanyards and Ammo slides Start at $45.00

Lens Caps $65.00

License holders $35.00

License holder w/carving $95.00

Saddle Bags $350.00

Shotgun Shell slides $69.00

Arm Guards Request for quote

Single Stick Pool Cue case $350.00

Dart Case $45.00

Custom Cane Scabbard $100.00

Cell phone cases $49.00

Padfolio’s $100.00

Padfolio case $165.00

Book Marks $5.50

Check Book Covers $59.00

Carved Check Book Covers $144.00

Wallets $59.00

Carved Wallets start at $144.00

Belts $65.00

Utility or lined Belts $95.00

Carved Belts $130.00

Watch Bands $39.00

Guitar Straps $95.00

Suspenders $95.00

Cost adders are: Lettering..........................$3.00/Letter Picture…………………..Pending the picture. Starting price $65.00 Leather Lacing ………....Pending the size of item Could range from $10.00 to $100.00

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